The Consistent | The Visionary | The Guide

This mind it wanders

Wondering… Why, how, what for?

Why love?

Who is worthy to adore?

Confused; I stop.

A sense of self

It stands in between

This moment and the seen.

Beloved, You play these games

To test and trial

To witness how easily we fall into this trap of denial.

You are… Who are we?

So caught up in trivial matters

You laugh at our desires.

Your plan is so much greater

And it takes this hurdle to realise

You once again;

Unborn creator.

You are the only truth of this existence

But I so easily forget Your consistence.

The beauty of these ups and downs

To again reconnect

A humble human balance is found.

But do I dare go further?

Will I once again let myself fall harder?

Will I be trapped in this continuum?

Thinking I am the driver and You;

The bare minimum.

Let me not be fooled by what I think I see

Keep me, as the mere dust of Your feet.

For I realise every time

That this is my only true abode.

Keep this spec afloat in You

Never let me loathe.

“Mera mujhme kuch nahin

Jo kuch hai so Tera

Tera Tujhko somph ke

Kya laage hai mera?”

What is there to lose?

What is there to think?

To feel, and to gain?

What is the cost of a surrendered deal?

True bliss is found;

In this undying state of the only



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