Viewing everything as my own. #2015

Another year passes by… Another chapter closed. So many lessons learnt and so many blessings held so close to my heart to take with me into the new year.

It’s funny how we base everything in our lives around time. Another ‘year’, another ‘month’, another ‘day’, ‘hour’, ‘minute’, ‘second’, ‘moment’… But have we stopped once to think about what could take away the very essence of time and simplify our entire existence? The bliss attainable within each moment that passes us, beyond time and space?

This year I have experienced so much, but not once have I felt alone. The solitude was never empty, much rather – whole. Looking back, I can say it was the only presence that kept me afloat through many trialling situations that could have completely stripped me of my balance and peace of mind.

No doubt, there was stress, restlessness, a sense of confusion and helplessness, at times – a lot of pain. There were amazing times too; so much so I’d say 2015 has been the best year of my life – but what was different this year round, was that I knew my true self was beyond all of these emotions and experiences. I knew that whatever was coming and going was all just a big game – I laughed along with it – I chose to perceive it as such.

Life is too short for the drama we create in our little minds. It’s so much easier to let it all just be – however it is. Yes, as humans we are fallible to making mistakes and faltering but why let that weigh you down? Strength is measured in how easily you can get back up and keep striving for better. As for all the amazing and positive stuff – the travelling, new friends, music and business progressions, love and laughter shared – I delved deep into it all. I have no regrets, no baggage – I feel so free!

I may have been feeling so much, but at the end of every encounter – there was a connection, a spark that eventually left me inspired, wiser, stronger, more apt and able for greater things. This was only because actually – the connection never cut. The energy was there before and still is right now. I decided to convert the negative into positive. But do I stay connected to that? And if I do – then how? How do you stay connected to energy you never think about, because you never see it?

I found such energy present in every little thing – and that’s what is so amazing about it! It’s so simple, yet strikes you at your core if you choose to see it, and feel it as it is – in its purest form.

I discovered – this connection is constant when you remove yourself from the picture entirely. By removing my ‘I’ – all that remained was the feeling, the lesson, the blessing, the experience, irrespective of where, what or who it came from – the exchange with every soul who crossed my path, every soul still walking by my side, and even those further away on a human level.

See we’re all still connected. Those who you’ve never met, even those you’ll never meet. Somehow, in some shape or form – we are all connected. We are all from this same energy, life force, light, God, universe – call it whatever you want. We’ve all got our own ideas of love and compassion. Different concepts and perceptions on the complicated stuff – the stereotypes our society, cultures ad now unfortunately religions have created – but what really matters to you? What is it that gives you true happiness? What connects you to the world and makes you feel better within?

To me we are all cups. We all come with something inside us, some having more than others, and what we all have to give is very different. Now in our experiences of all the cups around us, some we find drain us of what we have, whereas some fill us, nourish us and sustain us by filling our cup with what they have to give, things we click with. What we fail to realise is that whatever we give is our ripple effect. What we give to someone else (good or bad) – they then pass onto another person who takes from them, and that cup fills another cup, and bit by bit – we all leave our mark, we all have somehow passed on what we have to give onto people we probably don’t even know.

I found for myself – the more I gave, the more content I felt. And the more content I felt – the greater the capacity became to give – because by doing this, I was able to be completely one with my true self – an endless source. A surrendered bargain. An energy I felt giving through me. Yes, to the world – I may be Vibhati, but I know from what I feel – this body is just dust. If I’ve connected to someone, if I’ve filled someone’s cup, it’s always and only been because of THAT which drives life into me. Otherwise I am incapable of achieving and doing majority of the things that have happened in the space of my life. I’ve felt an energy beyond what my human intellect allows me to think is possible. Now I’m latched onto it, I’m lost in its whirl – an indescribable ecstasy.

You might be thinking I’m crazy saying all this, but it’s the rawest truth I’ve realised in my journey thus far. We all come alone, go alone – but the time we spend here on Earth, the good we do, the things we act upon that may or may not leave a lasting mark on someone’s heart – its source is eternal, limitless – endless. The driver of this vehicle, the inspiration behind the thought, the love behind the action – is all one. It vessels through so many channels i.e. souls – but the source just IS. Do you see it that way? Because I never used to. Different drops, made up of the ocean, but you can only merge with the ocean by realising you are not the drop – and all these other drops you see around you, are actually just a part of YOU. There is no separateness. You ARE the Ocean.

Seeing so much injustice, witnessing so much ignorance and negativity in our world and its people – it has me worried. What are we becoming? What is life becoming? And how can so many people be missing out on knowing this essence of life I’ve had the blessed opportunity to experience?

What can I possibly do to help? To make a change? To engage with society at large? The behaviour isn’t changing. Politics and corruption seems to be the only puppeteer of every community. Clutching onto strings of unawareness, materialism, greed and selfishness. What has happened to the thread of commonality? The humanity and values that should come naturally to human beings? Why do people create a wall before a bridge in their mind? Before embracing diversity – a straight difference. A barrier.


Our lives are of too much value and potential to be wasting our time, energy and attention on such irrelevant and petty matters. Why think it’ll give you a sense of satisfaction to feel superior to another individual because of your beliefs, the way you perceive your journey? – IT WON’T. Wake up. We are all the SAME. We just have our own ways of seeing the world and if this wasn’t the case – life wouldn’t be life. We’d all be the same on a human level and how boring would that be? This isn’t a rant, rather a humble attempt to raise curiosity in your minds reading the experiences I’ve encountered. If you’re not completely satisfied in your life, why? If you’re still confused about the meaning of your life, what can you do to change it? Is there something missing? What is it?

Self realise. Self actualise. You are sewn of the same love and energy as everything around you and if you don’t understand this, you are only missing out on the most unreal experiences your life has to offer you on a moment-to-moment basis. There is no promise for tomorrow– only your present moment – here and now.

WHO you are TRYING to be is who you ALREADY ARE. This is the greatest paradox of our lives.

There is only this ONE. That is the only truth that will ever matter. The TRUTH that connects you to everything you see, touch, smell, hear, taste. It is all a part of your very being. Realise this. If the way you view your life doesn’t change for the positive – come back to me.

Know One, Believe in One, Experience this OneBecome One.



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