Sant Kabir || Reflections

The State: The Formless:

Where there is neither sea nor rain,

Nor sun nor shade;

Where there is neither creation

Nor dissolution;

Where prevails neither life nor death,

Nor pain nor pleasure;

Beyond the states of Sunn and trance;

Beyond words, O friend,

Is that unique state of Sahaj.

It can be neither weighed

Nor exhausted,

Is neither heavy nor light;

It has no upper regions

Nor lower ones;

It knows not the dawn of day

Nor the gloom of night;

Where there is neither wind

Nor water nor fire,

There abides the perfect Master.

It is inaccessible,

It is, and it will ever be;

Attain it through the Master’s grace.

Sayeth Kabir: I surrender myself

At the feet of my Master,

I remain absorbed

In his true company. ||

Beyond all creation, all paradoxes, all processes and experiences, yet still within and amongst all those things, lies this energy, this divinity which sustains everything we see. Words cannot describe it. It can only be felt. In such a state of bliss, no negativity, no pain, nothing affects. The presence remains, eternally balanced. Such a state of mind, of peace has been called the Guru – the teacher who takes us away from darkness towards light – such a state is to be aimed for – it is nothing more than a presence, yet such a presence that is ever lasting and unchanging amongst all creation that is born out of it – energy that cannot be created or destroyed but just is. Through a living Guru’s Grace, an awareness can be attained – Kabir says, surrender to such company to be ever connected with the constant, absorbed by such a balanced and powerful presence.

I am in all

All that is, is 

The different forms in existence

Are my myriad manifestations,

Yet I am apart from all. ||

This love, this energy, universe, formlessness, God, life force, light, conscience – call it as you wish – IS IN ALL. Everything that exists, is made of this same love. Though it is expressed in millions of forms – the essence of all that we see – IS the same. Such an understanding that like a prism of light, the source is one. However, the spectrum of colours created all differ. Such beauty in its diversity is seen in the same way through creation. A garden with many flowers, human race – so many cultures, backgrounds and colours; all bring beauty into our lives. The diversity allows us to appreciate ourselves and them – if we so choose to perceive it as such. So many manifestations of this ONE, yet still subtly apart in its formless nature. Coexistent with every form. The weight on a flower petal without crushing it – such a paradox. Yet in this paradox – the very essence of life.


I have met Him in my heart.

When a stream enters the Ganges,

it becomes the Ganges itself.

Kabir is lost in the Ganges. ||

By realising your true self, what resides within you, within your heart, within what you feel – you have transformed from a separate, individual stream – to the entire ocean. You have self actualised – you have BECOME the ocean. You are no longer a separate entity. Everything has become ONE as you now know every person is the drop of this same ocean – and in such bliss, in such a strong connection to everything you have ever known – you are lost in awe.

Having recognised the Lord within, my thoughts rest only in Him.

Now wherever I cast my eyes, I see none else but Him.

Since realisation came,

Here, there, everywhere the Lord alone I see. ||

You are a part of love. You are love. Because you know this, you have become love. Becoming love – all you see is love. Since this realisation – love is the only thing you see. In those around you, in the creation that surrounds you. Everywhere – just is – this love.

Kabir says: Listen to me friend!

Bring the vision of the Beloved in your heart. ||

Without such vision you limit yourself! Bring this state of mind and realisation into action. It is the ‘beauty of life.’



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