It will never be the same.

Nearly four weeks have passed
Still no courage to write
Many attempts to express myself
But no words in sight
Dumbfounded at how the whole world has changed,
I’m at complete loss and in pain.
Trying to live by what You taught
Complete surrendrance to the game you sought.
Some days I feel okay
Others, a complete void
What kind of test is this?
My faith no longer feels limit-less.
How to deal with such a change?
This entire tunnel, the darkness – an illusion
But still I feel no light,
Is even this my delusion?
The beauty I saw in all creation
Seems so dull without my foundation.
You taught us how to live in this world,
But never showed us how to live without you.
Taking us closer to ourselves; the truth of life
But now all I find myself saying is “what’s the point?”
I’m astray, I don’t know what else to say
I need some comfort
I need my purpose.
Just one last time- give me a reason
Maybe then I’ll understand,
But waiting on time for answers
Seems like injustice at hand.
“Where do we look now Beloved?”
Even this silence; it whispers.
I feel like I’m drowning
And this time, not in bliss.
My tears have run dry
Thinking about how much you sacrificed.
No calm in our hearts
Hands folded in prayer
Living but not alive,
Living… But without our life.


‘Everything I am, is all in owing to the kindness and grace of His Holiness Nirankari Baba Ji- the spiritual teacher who has been the centre of my world throughout my life. The vision of Satguru for the Sant Nirankari Mission was revolutionary. He worked each moment to unite all religions, nations, castes and creeds. The beautiful driving force for myself and millions to break down the barriers that exist within mankind. This is a tribute to Him, in honour of His life, His boundless love and compassion.

He had a dream for the mission to host an international gathering on the topic ‘Humanness’. Satguru himself coined the term for this very event, prevoking all to reflect on their personal contribution to society, begging we ask ourselves the question ‘how humane am I?’ Does my world even consist of humans anymore? Many, across the world, gathered to understand the depth of just the theme alone and embark on a spiritual journey that would ultimately see compassion restored. (If you’re happy to travel hundreds of miles in the name of humanity, no doubt, what you want is for good to prevail for the world!)

His Holiness Nirankari Baba Ji was the truest form of a humanitarian- pure in every way, the most humble of the humble and a lover of all, unconditionally. “Satguru” translated is “the one who takes us from darkness into light”. He did just that. The Sant Nirankari Mission (which I’m blessed to be a part of) is the very spiritual movement He led- a worldwide charitable foundation with the aim of world peace and unity. Millions who participate in the mission’s community events, artistic events, cultural events, health activities, blood donations and weekly discussions are enthusiastic, humble and compassionate people who genuinely yearn for betterment for everyone. Satguru Baba Ji exemplified all the traits of a divine being and all the while awakening kindness and compassion in all. The mission is outstanding for its’ exceptional voluntary work and the warmth and radiance of its members.

Nothing can repay Satguru Baba Ji for His tireless efforts to attain worldwide peace, in the name of one common formless creator- using this as the base for humanity’s prosperity. He revealed how a spiritual foundation in life is what brings a deeper connection with all beings and an ultimate realisation of our life purpose as human beings: to BE love (Love being The Creator, Creator being the very energy that permates us all).

I hope for those who think the world is a mess, that humanity is broken, this display alone restores faith and initiates change. To think- there are beautifully peaceful and connected beings upon this earth and even worldwide missions that serve in the name of world peace?! And there are spiritualists who really do live not according to rituals and dogmas, but on loving each other, revealing to all the very source from which we come in just a smile, just a warm embrace? One world of humanness can be realised- but it needs all our efforts. May we all pay tribute by making one world today.’

A special thanks to Renuka Jhalli who wrote the above, summarising a lot of what I feel personally. I don’t feel like words will ever be enough, so I leave you with love. Thank You my Satguru. Thank You.


One response to “It will never be the same.”

  1. Jab Kahin Pe Kuch Nahi.
    Bhi Nahi Tha
    Wahi Tha Wahi Tha
    Wahi Tha Wahi Tha


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