The University Chapter

Hi all,

It’s been a while. I am sort of back out of my cave… kinda?! I recently graduated and wanted to share a little bit about it. Alongside graduation photos, many people write about their journey in attaining their achievements and their inspirations/motivators that got them over the finish line. There was a lot to say about mine and I guess not everyone would be interested in reading, so I decided to blog about it instead. After all, it is arguably the greatest academic achievement I’ll probably shoot for so I guess it should be documented?! Anyway, here goes…

10 months ago I decided to change my path from constant procrastination to discipline and dedication. In that space of time attained PR work experience and figured it wasn’t for me, completed a photography diploma, started running regularly, meal prepped clean weekly, took on sign language and beginners Spanish, released 4 music videos, somehow got onto Spotify/Apple music and BBC Asian Network, jammed with some incredible musicians, volunteered for TedX, had a crack at pottery (pun intended… I’m so sorry), stepped into two new dance forms (Afrodynamix you were the best decision I made this year) and attained a First Class Honours with a Dean’s List award, whilst still maintaining a social/travel life and daily meditation.

Some people belittled me, encouraged self-doubt and quite frankly made me feel so uncomfortable, but most pushed me and believed I could progress and achieve anything I put my mind to. I’m equally grateful for every person placed along my journey and I would never take back the amount I have learnt from the good and bad experiences these last 3 years (specific s/o to the worst landlord of all time).

There is no growth without some struggle. We can never learn beyond our comfort zone until we’re placed outside it.

I don’t list the above for any reason other than to inspire a thought in anyone else feeling they can’t that you CAN, not just academically but ANYTHING you’re passionate about. Despite being through an emotionally and spiritually unstable two years, having {at times} multiple breakdowns a week and calling my Dad to rebalance and reset myself, setting my mind to the task of doing my personal best was what got me up everyday and kept me going through the daily grind. Although I can hear my best friend Dhruvi saying how I am just “nuts” and “on steroids” I genuinely believe it was down to a blessing I received a few years ago from Babaji: ‘work hard to make it easy.’ I didn’t understand the power of it then, but I do now – Thank You Huzoor. 

Setting an intention to do my absolute best, no ifs or buts and unfaltering perseverance is what got me to where I am today. If you’re not giving it your all, you’ll know. [Sidenote – it also helps if you have a borderline ADHD tendency from your ancestors where you know, you just don’t have any capability to relax and not do something without feeling guilty, like ever. It’s a problem. I’m working on it.] Yes, the 10-12 hour library sessions destroyed my will to live (I went for walks and split a Netflix show between lunch and dinner I promise) but, anytime I felt like giving up I pictured my family on my graduation day bursting with pride and somewhere along the line, the continual self actualisation took form and paid off. Fast forward to about a week ago:

I want to give a special mention to a few individuals who I genuinely could not have done as well without:

Pops – you da real MVP. Thank you for your guidance and encouragement constantly throughout my time at uni and for being there no matter what. I’ll never forget you telling me to ‘kill em with success’. I hope I’ve done you proud and achieved everything you wanted for me (so far).

Mumma – your multiple phone calls daily will not be missed (no seriously), but I love you for your endless warmth and never letting me struggle as a student. You spoiled me rotten whilst giving me enough space to grow as my own individual and get to grips with managing my time and priorities. Thank you for everything, especially your gene for OCD organisation – it did me so good!

Dhruvi – guuuurl. You know how I feel aka counting down the days till we can be housemates again with our dream puppies. You were the first person I saw truly dedicated to studying when it mattered. It gave me a kick up the ass when I needed it most. Gained a sister/wife/bestie all in one (that’s kinda messed) but thank you for those rare occasions of coming into my personal space and making friendship so easy. In true Dee spirit: It’s been real. Yaaaaaas queeeeeen!

Shaan – best friend/partner in crime from the start of uni till date, thank you for teaching me to ride the wave and being the biggest support. Your punny nature and dedication to doing what you love has been a constant source of inspiration. I’m so glad I forced you to get that violin back out #lifegoals #drama #thecurl #DrRanj

Rosy Bhua – I know you think I’m living a better version of your life (I’m not) but you got me here. From your support from Year 12 till now, staying up the night before my retakes and teaching me the best techniques to remember studies, giving me pep talks about how my fate is sealed when it came to clearing for universities, to our catch up phone convos over the 3 years and last minute proof reads of my dissertation. Thank you for your guidance. You were right. Everything was supposed to happen exactly as it did. You fill the gap of a big sister (now now, don’t let your head get too big pls).

Alisha – my academic genius inspo forever. Our (notorious) sprinkles date at the very start of final year made me believe in my full potential. I’ve told you and thanked you hundreds of times, but it’s true – the First would not have happened without you. Thank you for being the biggest plot twist in my journey.

The list is endless and I’d be here forever naming everyone but thank you all so so much. Bigdad, Amma, Bino chachi, Rob chacha, my closest family, best of friends (UK/N.America/Australia), sadhsangat family – all of your prayers, blessings and positive energy got me to this point. I’m unworthy of the grace and love.

Thank you.

– V


One response to “The University Chapter”

  1. Lovely to been able to read this…
    Life can give you so many blessings, we just need to realise them… what a journey these three years have been for you! This is what makes your future… Blessed, beautiful, dedicated and devine you are…💕


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