The Circularity of Gratitude

In May 2019, after a whirlwind four months of ups and downs, countless rejections, near successes and let downs, I was headhunted and whisked away into a fast-paced, cut-throat yet invigorating chaos… London.

As a young child, I always dreamt of living in the city. Whenever we visited, driving passed the bright lights of piccadilly or strolling through streams and streams of free art galleries – I always knew I would end up here at some point in my life. Now I knew it was happening, the excitement was real. – actualisation

I had three days to find a place to live and ten days to relocate from my nest. After just one week of work, my every weekend of summer looked a little something like: Liverpool > Toronto > Glasgow > Birmingham > Cambridge > Leicester > London > Leicester > Birmingham. Safe to say, I had officially learnt the art of an autopilot, robotic lifestyle – in all my worlds. Never the less, I was loving summer life in the capital and taking full advantage of so many amazing things to see and do. – productivity

Before I knew it, 2019 was coming to an end and approaching the new year I realised how unnatural this crazy bubble I had kept myself in really was. I was on the go, ALL the time – nothing was slowing down. I found myself stuck somewhere in between finally being content and in the swing of things with my new job, yet feeling an escalating pressure to develop my creative side. With more opportunity, comes much higher expectation – particularly in the music industry. Then of course came the pressure of corporate culture – a constant need for more and unparalleled unfulfilled desires. – rat race

My mind was a mess. I had to pause.

I took a few weeks to reanalyse where I was heading. Did I really need to make more money? Do I really need to rush? What’s the rush for? Do I need to be so invested and affected by things that aren’t helping me grow? What was the reason behind my pursuit of career in sustainability again? What’s my passion? What’s my driving force? Is my work purposeful? Do I really want to create my own music? Am I actually present in my mind, today? Do I really need to be thinking about getting on the property ladder already? What were my goals for just the next 6 months? Why are my thoughts SO loud?


a game changer

I’ve just stepped into my eighth month of being in the big wide ‘corporate world’. It’s so easy to get trapped and pulled into the dissatisfaction of those around you that you forget the key to everything. The answer to silence the noise, the chaos, the rush, the pressure, the excessive material desire – everything taking you away from the present moment…

gratitude | shukraana

Starting every morning being thankful for everything you DO have and not what you are “lacking” was my refuge. Grateful to be alive and healthy. Grateful to have a sense of purpose. Grateful to live comfortably and having amenities millions don’t have access to. Grateful to be making a difference. Grateful to be able to experience so many wonderful moments, art and culture. Grateful to be empowered enough to pass on positivity to others.

Such a small shift in perspective, but a protection blanket from energy which brings you down and can sometimes make you feel like what you already have and what you already are, isn’t enough. In gratitude lies a clearer headspace which ironically allows you to still think ahead and pursue even greater goals. In gratitude you give more and receive more, you invest more and grow more. It’s a reciprocal, chain reaction. Whatever you put out into the universe comes straight back to you in ten fold.

Gratitude is clear.

Gratitude is contagious.

Gratitude is circular.


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