My love for music began at the age of seven, learning the Indian classical harmonium. Progressing onto guitar gave me insight into the fusion scene, singing in Hindi, Punjabi and English. For all enquiries and further information on music bookings: samaya.ltd@gmail.com

Vibs Bhatia


In 2009, I took a short course in lifestyle photography and more recently attained a diploma with distinction in Foundations of Photography. Over the last few years, I’ve found myself reliving details of moments I’d have otherwise forgotten, had I not captured the scene behind my lens. It’s made me love this form of creative expression even more. The nostalgia and memories that photographs endorse almost always bring a sense of gratitude, so I wanted to share my most cherished and awe worthy moments. I feel photographs are an insight into each individual’s perception – the way we view both our surroundings and the people around us. I hope you enjoy my window into the world.


I often find myself lost in deep thought about various topics. Whether it’s spirituality or science, the climate emergency or racial discrimination, social behaviours and attachment or South Asian culture and traditions, writing helps me to establish my opinions and organise my life experiences in a rational, collected way. So with that – welcome to my realm of self reflection. I hope whatever you find yourself reading is enjoyable and inspires you in some shape or form.

Love and gratitude,



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