Long Distances

Caught in the riptide
I was searching for some truth
There must be a reason
I collided into you

Tossing and turning inside of your heart
Calling your name at midnight, exploding in the dark
Reaching for you in this endless stream 
So many miles between us… So much we left at sea


Progression + Perseverance

Hardship will leave you only once it is done teaching you.

Adversity is often feared and avoided,

I say – bury me in more!

This seed must keep growing.

Don’t hand me the easy route,

I don’t want to see a day through without progression.

Keep testing me,

Keep pushing me further,

Keep destabilising me.

This cycle of accomplishment is my sustenance.

Giving up is like halting my breath;

I die the day I stop wanting to learn.

The Battle of Better

Veins of creativity ran dry from animosity.

Caught in a lustful trap

Seeking to out-beat every drop that surpassed.

In this ocean of humanity,

All rivers trickle to the same destination.

Each one,

Meandering through individual hurdles.

Yet, still we seek to out do the other,

There’s this constant need to feel better.

It’s like trying to place a made to fit glove of another

Attempting, but struggling to squeeze your hand under…

Don’t you see?

It just won’t fit right.

This is your journey, your time, your life to shine.

Do not be phased by the best glimpses of others’ lives.

An age as such, has taken away all sense of raw sight.

Why get caught up in this race, in this illusory battle?

Be patient.

Your best is in process,

Cast away all doubt that lurks in your mind,

This will be your true progress.


Trust Your Path

Longing to be loved

Promises of a lifetime

A sewn heart at stake

Guarded by ascribed guidelines.

“What will it be?

What is the plan?”

In this limited time;

Take destiny’s hand.

In love’s court there is no uncertainty

A mere transaction of divine reciprocity.

What manifests your mind

Will define what surrounds

Flow with what is here and now

In confidence your home will be found.


A sense of gratitude;

For every scar that taught me how to love again and again

For every battle that nurtured me to be soft

For every difficult choice that opened the door to liberation

For every rejection that pushed me to chase my goals

For every insult that hit home and humbled

For every shadow that drove me to question

In reflection; a realisation…

It was all placed there to strengthen

Warriors don’t just become overnight

Warriors are a constant work in motion.

Larger Than Life

For those who seek

A universe awaits,


The door removes itself.

For time ticks away

No certainty of when it’ll stop

Your experience is essential

Yet still chasing dimes,

You are blind to the the treasure that here lies.


A knowing of energy and passion

Closer to you,

Than you can imagine.

Life’s destiny, at your core

An interconnection, beyond any law.

Do you trust me enough

To know that what I say is true?

Take my word just once

And you’ll see everything

But this time; anew.